David and Jacky Higgins were born in the north of England, Jacky in Sheffield, David in Manchester.  They are living proof that the War of the Roses continues.  They met at the University of Liverpool and moved to Hong Kong in 1967 where David was a government vet.  They lived in Ithaca, New York State, USA, ’71-’74, then back to UK for four years before moving to Indonesia.  In 1983 they returned to work in Hong Kong and “retired” to Macau in 2004.

They have travelled rather extensively – Japan, Burma, Singapore, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Australia, Thailand, most parts of Europe, and Jacky to Brazil, as well as in the countries where they have lived.  In these many places through their interests in judo, art and music and, of course, eating and drinking, they have made many friends, collected some beautiful art, and heard some wonderful music.

When they really do “retire”, they plan to divide their time between the four places they like the most (so far): the Isle of Man (“75,000 alcoholics clinging to a rock” – the beer is brilliant), Chiang Mai, Hong Kong/Macau and Kyoto.


Ballavar Farm, Santon, Isle of Man


In creatingone of their main objectives has been to present some of their love and experience of wine, food and music, in an elegant and interesting environment.