Shrimp City Slim

Wanda Johnson

Elderly Instruments

Paxton and Whitfield, cheesemongers

Bob Flesher, banjoist

Rules Wonderful Restaurant

National Guitars

Cowboy Boots

The World’s Best Motor Cars

JJ Cale – our hero

Great fruitcakes

Our friends Howie Bursen and Sally Rogers, Great musicians

Beautiful Thai celadon

Lovely hats

Nice photos by Ron Jones

The best pub east of MacauSoul

London’s nicest cakes

Mr Jack

Leon Redbone -another hero

Favourite place to stay in Chiang Mai

Beautiful textiles and baskets

Gorgeous silks and cottons

Great clothes Hong Kong 1

Great clothes Hong Kong 2

Great clothes Chiang Mai

A nice place to stay in Macau

Great photos

More great photos

Beautiful inkwash paintings

Misa’s Macau Japazine

Great British beer from a small British island

HK's most famous impressionist

Wonderful British Cheeses